Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Banks, Huh? The Great Canadian Bank Bailout

Two good reference stories:

Will Harper's superiority complex contribute to the next financial crisis?


Big Five tapped Fed for funds during financial crisis


  1. I suspect Rick Mercer thinks the neocons are a problem, too. But my husband pointed out he's always been an equal-opportunity politician-basher, which is true, so it's rather hard to tell.
    So, if you and the rest of the Us gang (too bad it looks so much like US) were to invite him to a, let me see, maybe a unicycle race, perhaps you could get some of your commercials aired. Or, at least, talk to him and see where he really stands.

  2. I was using the Us's from Harvey Milk, and realized that it did look like US, so I'm going with Us's and adding We's.