Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stephen Harper's New Attack Ads are Ignorance Over Substance

Rick Mercer is right. This latest round of attack ads by Stephen Harper are pretty low. If after five years this is all that the Conservatives have to campaign on, they are in serious trouble.

I posted on Chris Matthews trying to get a straight answer from the Tea Party as to why leader Michelle Bachmann was trying to re-write history on slavery.

It was like talking to a Harper Conservative. Straight answers are not within the real of possibility.

But typically, Glenn Beck came to the rescue, attacking Matthews as being "Ivy League", and even going further suggesting that Bachmann may be the next president of the United States. Good Lord.

The fact that Chris Matthews never attended an Ivy League school, didn't matter. Apparently smart people are the enemy these days, and just implying that they attended places like Harvard or Princeton means that they should be banished from the land of stupids.

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