Friday, January 7, 2011

Scott Brison is Absolutely Right But we Have a Bigger Problem

The Globe and Mail ran a piece about the economy, quoting Scott Brison as saying that the only reason we survived the free market created economic disaster, was because of safeguards put in place by the previous Liberal government. I don't think anyone can really argue with that.

Stephen Harper pushed several times to have our banks deregulated, and fortunately no one listened, or we'd have been toast. In fact we're still not out of the woods, seeing as how the Canadian taxpayer is now the largest lender of sub-prime mortgages in the world, courtesy of Jim Flaherty.

Over at the Mark they are debating whether Harper is now just left of Obama because of his bloated government and record waste of taxpayer money.

But there is a much bigger picture here, and that's what we have to look at next election. And any journalist or columnist who is not sounding the alarm should be fired! Immediately!

Because we have no safe place in Canada to be Canadians. We have no safe place to debate and no safe place to discuss issues. We have no safe place to protest. And we are now isolated from the rest of the world because of so many things.

We have the most secretive government in our history. They will cry about freedom of speech, while denying freedom of speech to Canadians.

We have lost our democracy, because not only has Stephen Harper silenced elected officials in his own party, but he has silenced those in opposition. Because if anyone dares to bring forward our wishes to seek peace in Afghanistan, they are unpatriotic. Protest against closing the prison farms or building more prisons, they are soft on crime. Protest Israeli Apartheid and they are anti-Semitic.

So who speaks for us now? We don't even have a media because Stephen Harper even controls that.

We are told that our soldiers are fighting for our democracy. What democracy? In five years Stephen Harper has torn down every last bit of democracy we ever had.

How many Canadians know that our largest deployment next to Afghanistan is in Israel? Or that Peter Kent has claimed that a preemptive strike on Iran is a not a matter of "if" but "when"? But we have to read U.S. or UK papers to learn of that. Are we planning on waging war on someone? Who knows? No one's talking and if the media ask they face the wrath of Harper's goons.

There have been many times when I have been proud to be Canadian. Several times that I have been embarrassed to be Canadian. But this is the first time in my life that I have been afraid to be Canadian.

I don't like that feeling.


  1. As usual feelings exactly

  2. I know the feeling Emily, I fear exactly the same. At this point I am beyond frustration that the fourth estate and most Canadians it seems are blissfully oblivious to what has happened to us.

  3. I am afraid too. I have been afraid the entire last year. I keep looking at my suitcase wondering where would we go.