Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You Kathleen O'Hara and Rabble. You Are in my Army of US's

I'm getting everything together for my Army of US's, inspired by the late and wonderful Harvey Milk. And Kathleen O'Hara and Catch 22 Conservatives are being made officers.

In fact I will probably only have officers in my army, because we are all the same, with the same goal.

Getting rid of this neoconservative government before they completely destroy us.
The following is designed not to insult or ridicule the Harper Conservatives -- it is to show accurately and honestly why the Tories shouldn't run or represent Canada. Stephen Harper promised to "change the face of Canada" so drastically we wouldn't recognize it. He has succeeded and Canadians must decide if that is really what they want.
She provides ten very compelling reasons. Go Kathleen. And don't forget these guys.

I'm mad and when I get mad I get busy. Enough is enough. Harper's Revolt of the Rich is over. He's now just revolting and it's time he made his exit.

Onward US's. It's time for our information revolution. Educate every Canadian citizen who believes that Stephen Harper is a moderate. Lets make political discussion the latest thing.

Coffee parties, beer parties, milk and cookie parties. Whatever it takes.

We need to talk.

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  1. Naomi Wolf talks about the barriers to authentic protest and what it takes for a real protest to succeed:

    OK. So what kind of mass protest? The kind of mass protest that always works is illegal just about everywhere in the United States today. Why is that?

    For a protest to be effective, you have to stop traffic. You have to stop traffic.

    What keeps you from getting a permit in the United States? Stepping a foot into the street.

    Now why do you have to stop traffic? Because for a protest to do anything, it has to disrupt business as usual. I don’t mean violence. Whoever’s tape-recording this to take it back to, you know, Quantico or whatever, I don’t mean violence. I mean dissent.

    Martin Luther King, who wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” because he marched without a permit, said sometimes it is important for the tension to rise up for people to see that all is not well. And that you do that by stopping traffic. That’s how citizens indicate, you know, business as usual is not acceptable.

    It's an exercise in stifling debate and blurring the line between legitimate protest and terrorism. They want people to be afraid of those who speak out against government policies. Then they can throw dissidents into all of those jails they want to build.