Friday, January 28, 2011

What do You Mean Stephen Harper Has Done Nothing For Women?

As we look back at the five years of Harper, many are suggesting that he has done nothing for women. C'mon. Give the man a break.

Did he not have his minister for the Status of Women announce that date rape was the result of the hypersexuality of young girls? How else would we have known that young men had been so victimized?

Did he not remove that pesky word "equality" from their mandate? I mean if women see that word, they are only reminded of how empty it is.

Did he not reduce the number of women in the public service? All the estrogen was making men too sensitive.

Did he not close down 80% of the Status for Women offices, saving taxpayers thousands. Of course he spent any money saved to finance his fundraisers, but his heart was in the right place.

And did he not defund a database of nearly 600 cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women in Canada. If his police have to spend time looking for missing women, when will they possibly find the time to beat up the rest of us?

Stephen Harper has done a lot for women, and now women have a chance to return the favour, by giving him an early retirement.


  1. Online Course for Women to get into politics:

    Steve Harper vs Women

    Library of Parliament
    Canada's Electoral Process:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Step One: Join a Political Party

    Step Two: Nomination
    Most Canadian candidates are chosen in meetings called by their party's local association. In practice, the candidate who signs up the most local party members generally wins the nomination.
    Step 2: to win the nomination you need to sign up members who will vote for you at the nomination meeting.

    Step Three: Run for a Seat
    To run for a seat in the House, candidates must file nomination papers bearing the signatures of at least 50 or 100 constituents (depending on the size of the electoral district).

    Each electoral district returns one member; the First Past the Post electoral system, under which the candidate with a plurality of votes wins, is used. To vote, one must be a citizen of Canada and at least eighteen years of age.

    While wrestling with the knowledge that I could not rely on my network of women to help me finance my campaign, I ran into former mayor John Sewell and learned that the biggest mistake I had made was to start the race without having 12 campaign chairs, or “apostles,” to raise the finances needed for a city-wide campaign.

    Learn the dirty tricks of Federal Politics, read Garth Turner's blog re his nomination battle

    In Dufferin-Caledon I have been the only nominee for MP candidate since August. I'm interpreting the leader's failure to allow a nomination meeting as a signal my views are unwelcome.


  2. Ooh, nicely done, Emily. Let's give him an early retirement in prison, and give him Robert Pickton as a cellmate. Pickton can talk to him about women who forced him to feed them to his pigs. Harper can pat him on the back and say, "There, there, it wasn't your fault, those bitches were asking for it." Then they can both live happily ever after, the Two Little Pigs.