Monday, January 31, 2011

Stephen Harper: More Private Profits and Socialized Losses

Despite saying otherwise, it would appear that Stephen Harper is considering pouring millions of dollars of taxpayer money into helping to build a professional hockey arena, the operative word being PROFESSIONAL.

This is another example of 'Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor', a political economic theory that allows for the "privatization of profits and socialization of losses."

Because although WE will be paying for the arena, THEY will be netting the rewards. Millionaires profiting on our tax dollars. No money for social housing, but apparently we have money to fund for profit sports teams.
The Harper government is leaning toward pouring millions of dollars into an NHL-calibre arena in Quebec City despite the political risks of using taxpayers' money to support millionaire hockey players. The Conservatives are signalling their willingness to pick up part of the tab for the politically popular project in Quebec from an unused $1.25 billion federal fund.

That could open the way for Ottawa's support for similar projects across the country.Saskatchewan wants help building a $430 million domed stadium in Regina for the CFL's Roughriders and Hamilton is trying to put together a $154 million renovation of fabled Ivor Wynne Stadium to keep the Tiger-Cats in town. Calgary may be looking for help before long to replace the 28-year-old home of the NHL's Flames.
And during the last public backlash over his scheme, Stephen Harper did indicate that what he did for one he would have to do for another. And yet he claims that Michael Ignatieff is being reckless with our money for wanting an election during 'hard times'.

We need an election, because we can no longer afford to keep Harper in the lifestyle he's become accustomed to.

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