Monday, January 3, 2011

Conrad Black Makes Times Top Ten List of Fraudsters

I came across this when I was doing a bit of research. I guess Canada's Conrad Black has made the London Sunday Time's list of top ten fraudsters.

The same Conrad Black who was behind Stockwell Day's career. Also Stephen Harper's, Preston Manning's, Jason Kenney's, and other assorted neocons.

He should have made the list just for giving us those fraudsters.

And he also was responsible for concentrating Canadian media and turning it to the right, meaning that we no longer have a free press.
Conrad Black, the disgraced media magnate, was convicted of nearly £30 million of fraud concerning newspaper firm Hollinger International, which used to own the Daily Telegraph. The peer was jailed for six and a half years for taking money owed to investors in the form of "non-compete" payments from the sale of newspaper titles. He last month made a plea to outgoing US President George Bush to commute his sentence, but can reasonably expect it to be refused.

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