Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bloc Say They Will Support Harper - For Five Billion Dollars

Gilles Duceppe said today that he will support Harper's budget for five billion dollars. So will Stephen Harper give five billion of our money to save his butt?

And how will that play with his base, after he's been spewing all this "coalition with separatists" nonsense?
The Bloc Quebecois is putting up a big price tag — $5 billion — as the cost of its support for the upcoming federal budget. It says Quebec has gotten a raw deal compared to other provinces in a multitude of areas, from regional development to tax harmonization. Now it wants some of that addressed in the upcoming budget.

The prevailing wisdom these days in Ottawa is that, if an imminent election is to be avoided, it will depend on the NDP supporting the Tories’ budget. That’s because the Liberals have already dismissed major elements of the government’s spending and fiscal platforms — and the odds appear slim of the Bloc’s demands being met.
The Liberals have already said that they will not support 16 billion for fighter jets or six billion for more corporate tax cuts, so if Jack Layton supports the budget, it means that he is favour of those things. Things that Canadians are not happy with.

So what will he be able to campaign on?

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  1. 1. I wouldn't be surprised at Harper giving $5 billion to Karla Homulka if he thought it would save his butt.
    2. Jack Layton will be cutting his own throat if he agrees to those things. I know many, many NDP supporters, and they will not support corporate tax cuts, and/or fighter jets.