Friday, January 7, 2011

The Conservative Party Owes Taxpayers 45 Million Dollars

When the Harper government was designing their own website to promote the Canada Action Plan, they claimed that they got the go ahead from senior bureaucrats.

Turns out they were lying. Lying through their teeth.

The Harper government claims a senior bureaucrat gave it the go-ahead to avoid rules governing the look and feel of its Economic Action Plan website.

But the Conservatives are declining to provide documentary evidence of the exemption, which does not appear among hundreds of pages of memos,drafts and emails obtained by The Canadian Press under an Access to Information Act request that took more than a year to process. Instead, the public-service paper trail leads to Oct. 1, 2009, when the Treasury Board team leader in charge of policing the government’s own "Common Look and Feel" standards wrote that the exemption request for the action plan website should be denied.

They were told to buy their own ads, but instead stole 45 million dollars from the public purse so we could be treated to more than 30 photos of Herr Harper and a rendition of his piano playing, linked from every single government website.

And along with that cheque, we must also demand the resignations of Vic Toews and Stockwell Day, since they perpetrated this FRAUD.

The party MUST and I mean MUST, pay us back. This has gone too far.

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