Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Corporate Party of Canada Going on Tour

According to Bloombergs, Stephen Harper and the Corporate Party of Canada, is going on tour to try and sell the notion that giving more tax cuts to the rich, will help struggling Canadians.

The good news, if you believe that, is that you can still get free psychiatric help.

The bad news is that more corporate tax cuts will make our public healthcare unsustainable, so you'll have to act quick.

According to progressive thinker Michael Lerner, on the societal drain of these tax cuts:
That [is] precisely what the richest members of our society did when they supported legislation to cut their own taxes under President Bush, and before him under his father and President Reagan? The fact that the wealthy benefited disproportionately from those tax cuts is hardly a secret. The consequences have already been felt in the decline of funding for federal and state programs that benefit the poor and the powerless. (1)
There is no job creation. We've been fed those lies for years.

Next election will be about the choice between Corporations or Canadians, because we're getting tired of having to take a back seat to Harper's wealthy buddies. Enough is enough. If they can't make it in business without handouts from taxpayers, then maybe they need to get a real job.


1. The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From the Religious Right, By: Michael Lerner, Harper-Collins, 2006, ISBN: 978-0-06084247-5, Pg. 68


  1. Right! My family had a small business and we didn't get benefits of any kind from any government.
    It IS time those "big businessmen" got a real job, maybe ditch-digging or rock-breaking.
    "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer,
    Ain't we got fun?"

  2. It's ironic that you link to a statement by Ignatieff on his recent change of heart on corporate tax cuts, however as far as I have heard from him, he only believes that now is the wrong time for further cuts, but he seems to still support cutting them once the deficit is slayed. Only Layton and the NDP have consistently been against these cuts and have called for them to be reverted to 2006 (or earlier) levels. Although Layton has dabbled with dropping that condition too, as it was given up in the 2008 coalition accord and is not a NDP demand on Harper's next budget.

    Perhaps overall we're just screwed.

  3. Actually Ian, Thomas Mulcair recently stated that the NDP would support the corporate tax cuts if in future, they provided plans for job creation. (Globe and Mail "Flaherty easing up on NDP, something like that.)

    The only ones who can really put a stop to this is us, but first we have to get our democracy back.

  4. I am so disappointed with the NDP. Imagine believing that the corporate tax cuts will lead to job creation, a myth if there ever was one. They lead to big bonuses for the upper echelons, that's what they lead to.

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