Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Does Stephen Harper do Anything that the Republicans Don't?

I always say that if I want to know what's going on in Canada I have to read the UK Guardian or anything from the American Press.

But I realize now that if I want to know what Stephen Harper is going to do, I just find out what the Republicans and the Tea Party are up to.

Census - Tea Party.

Gun Control - NRA.

Our Religious Right - Their Religious Right.

And, I've just discovered that the Republicans are also trying to end the democratic practice of allowing Americans to have a voice through a couple of bucks taken from their taxes at election time.

In the U.S. they now allow corporations to buy politicians, without having to hide it. I guess that's next. I mean Stephen Harper even sued us when he was with the corporate financed National Citizens Coalition, because we wouldn't slap a price tag on a candidate.

Jim Flaherty has been bought and paid for, as he's on his 'Corporate tax cuts are good for you' campaign. The Corporate Party of Canada at it again.

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