Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Can't Let Our Children Suffer For What's in Their Heads

Under the looming shadow of Guy Giorno, Stephen Harper told the G20 that nations must abandon their citizens for corporate interests, by making us wear the deficit while going through with corporate tax cuts.

He claimed that helping those in need would only make them lazy and he can't abide lazy people.

What's that you say? You're in a hospital bed? No excuse. There is something you could do ... maybe empty bed pans or do magical tricks and charge a fee.

In a coma? No problem. You are qualified to be a Harper cabinet minister.

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, believes that Stephen Harper may be descending into madness. He didn't have far to go. While preaching deficit reduction, but spending ridiculous amounts of money on a fake lake and the security team from hell, this man is now preaching deficit reduction. I think I heard Cookie Monster telling some kids that sweets aren't good for you, but no one believes him either.
[Paul Krugman believes that] weak demand for products and services will tip the economy back into recession, perhaps depression, unless governments spend more. But Mr. Harper’s work helped ensure it won’t be global stimulus, with money coming from other wealthy nations. He helped make the tone of austerity the G20’s keynote. Cuts to government spending in wealthy nations will take hundreds of millions of dollars out of the global economy in the next three years.

Mr. Krugman argues that’s madness. The bond vigilantes that were supposedly threatening to clobber big rich countries because of their mounting debts were always a spectre; they aren’t an imminent threat to most nations, and short-term cuts won’t sway them, anyway. What the economy really needs is more money flowing through it, he argues, so cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in government spending will compound the problem. He compares the idea that deficit cuts will spark private-sector confidence that will improve business to believing in “confidence fairies.”
If Krugman thinks Harper is mad because of that, he might want to check out the cost of a bloody fence that no one could get within 20 miles of, without getting their heads bashed in.

The almost 10 kilometres of fencing erected around the downtown G20 security zone cost $9.4 million, nearly double the original estimate, a federal spokeswoman says. SNC Lavalin Inc, the engineering and construction group which supplied the fence, had originally valued the contract at $5.4 million, said Public Works spokeswoman Natalie Pennefather.

The following video should be an eye opener, but I hope it's an eye opener to Canada's youth of voting age, who must get out and vote, because if not men like Guy Giorno, a corporate lobbyist for the oil industry, will get to be the one deciding their future.

Catholic journalist Ted Schmidt once said of Guy Giorno "[Most] ... have never heard Giorno's name, but every one's life is going to be irrevocably changed by what he has in his head."

Program cuts instead of reduced spending on frivolous ventures is designed to starve government, in the interest of private enterprises who have been clamouring to get their hands on our health care, pensions and social services.

The 1.3 billion and counting to tell the world to "be irrevocably changed by what's in Giorno's head" could have fed thousands of children, provided thousands of hospital beds, hired thousands of doctors.

This is not a government concerned with the economy, or with Canadian citizens. They only want to destroy the former so they can ignore the latter.


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