Monday, July 5, 2010

Now More Than 45,000 Canadians Demanding Full Public Inquiry

The Facebook group is growing, of Canadians demanding a full public inquiry into the beating of civilians and targeting of media during the G20 in Toronto.

I have been blogging a lot about Guy Giorno, because the media is largely ignoring him. But he is Stephen Harper's brains and the Canada he is creating for us, is the same Ontario he created for Mike Harris.

Why are policy advisors, executive assistants, communications officers and other staff, who should be uncorking the champagne, reaching for the Valium instead? With few exceptions, insiders say that Mr. Harris's reliance on a couple of close aides and the unprecedented centralization of power--referred to by some as "the Bunker"-- are the cause of the malaise ... Mr. Harris has played fast and loose with the democratic process ... In the Harris Kremlin, power flows from the centre. (Indeed, the term, "the centre" is now an ominous fixture of party newspeak, as in the oft-repeated phrase, "No one knows what the centre is thinking.") (1)


Ontario democracy has been castrated. Mike Harris and a handful of advisers and consultants (people like Leslie Noble and Guy Giorno) run Ontario like a dictatorship. If you can get in the back door to them, you can get what you want. Governments get re-elected through changing the rules and spending huge sums on advertising. Once an election is won Mike Harris avoids question period and the legislature, mainly because his party passed legislation that renders the opposition parties toothless and the legislature irrelevant. His cabinet pushes through rafts of Orwellian bills and ignores public input, opposition and proper democratic procedure. Power is handed over to unaccountable boards and commissions that serve to lessen or eliminate the rights of citizens. (2)

He was with Mike Harris in the days when Dudley George was killed by "riot police" during a protest: "an Ontario Provincial Police sniper killed George as police moved in on unarmed protesters occupying Ipperwash Provincial Park ... police - dressed in riot gear - used unnecessary force. And they pointed the blame squarely at then-premier Mike Harris, claiming he issued the go-ahead order for the police to rush the barricades in a nighttime raid. (3)

And he was with Mike Harris during the Ontario Public Service Strike when "riot police" ... dressed head-to-foot in grey body armor, carrying Plexiglas shields and wielding wooden batons - charged into the crowd. The bloody confrontation - one of the most violent in Ontario's political history - will not be quickly forgotten. After a heated debate, deputy premier Ernie Eves called an inquiry into the incident. The OPP also faced sharp criticism from other police officials who said the riot squad may have even provoked the confrontation. (4)

And he was there when Riot Police attacked the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty March. Look at the photo to the right and then read the following and tell me that this does not sound exactly like what happened during the G20.

Top court dismisses bid by media on riot tape - Friday, September 7, 2001 – Page A8 Ottawa -- A group of media companies has lost its bid to stop police from retaining confiscated photos and videotape of a riot outside the Ontario legislature. The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application by CBC, CTV, Global Television, ONtv and The Globe and Mail seeking to appeal a ruling that upheld the police's right to confiscate and view footage from the riot of June 15, 2000. (5)

There are a lot more links here, but the titles are eerily familiar: Police State Wonderland ... police attack on the public and Protest Drummers Beaten and Pepper Sprayed.

Guy Giorno helped to turn the Ontario government under Mike Harris into a dictatorship and the province into a police state. And he is doing the same thing to our country, while the media naps. There have been a few articles and they tell me he is stepping down in October. But how much more damage can he do before he is gone?

Giorno is Harper's Karl Rove and he must be stopped. But the only way to stop him is to get rid of Stephen Harper because they come as a matched set.

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