Monday, February 8, 2010

Canada Now the 51st State and the Good News is Sarah Palin May be Our Next President

Anyone following Stephen Harper's career for more than 12 seconds, which excludes most of our media; knew that his intent was to sell us to the Americans.

More than a decade ago he stood in front of the Council for National Policy, and let them know how much he despised us.

From there, this dangerous and secretive group knew they had an ally. A perfect Canadian gift. Someone so in love with their country he'd do anything to meet George Bush and get on Fox news.

However, for those of us who knew this, we took comfort in the fact that we'd been able to keep him to a minority. With the Canada first parties holding the majority in Parliament, he'd never be able to get away with it.

But I guess he didn't need a majority after all. Instead he was able to maneuver himself into a dictatorship, and guess what folks?

We are now the 51st state in everything but name. Give him time. I'm sure part of the deal was to christen this new state, the Land of Harper. Kind of catchy isn't it?

And the good news is, Sarah Palin may be our next president. I wonder if Stevie will be her running mate?

Urgent national debate needed on Harper trade deal
By James Laxer
February 7, 2010

In the middle of a period of prorogation, when Parliament is not sitting, the Harper government has sprung a sweeping new trade deal on Canadians. The agreement the Harper government has reached with the Obama administration is the most important extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) since that deal went into effect in 1994 ....

...Canadians need to ask themselves whether this is the moment to put all our eggs in the American basket for the future. ... Finally, it's time for us to face up to the implications of allowing a secretive government to foreclose our options without us having a say in the matter

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