Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Some of the People Who Want Harper Gone

There were perhaps a hundred protesters greeting Harper in Kingston on Friday. We were loud and animated.

There were songs and little skits. Some university students had written a rap that they shared. There were drums and music. It was wonderful.

Kathleen O'Hara from Catch 22 Harper Conservatives had a mike and listed off one by one, Harper's crimes. Not even covering a fraction of them.

In the above photo you'll see students with guess what "we're voting", standing with seniors. All with the same goal. Ousting Stephen Harper.

And he was given a similar welcome in Montreal, though a bit more militant.

The Toronto Star is endorsing strategic voting:
In some parts of the country there is a real risk that a surge toward the NDP could sap the Liberal vote and have the perverse effect of tipping more seats to the Conservatives. Voters worried about that should consider voting strategically — giving their support to the progressive candidate best placed to win.

In much of the GTA, that means Liberals. Indeed, there are a number of seats that Liberals won by a narrow margin over Conservatives in 2008. The Liberal candidates in those ridings deserve support. They include Ruby Dhalla in Brampton-Springdale; Andrew Kania in Brampton West; Rob Oliphant in Don Valley West; Joe Volpe in Eglinton-Lawrence; Paul Szabo in Mississauga South; and Ken Dryden in York Centre.

Going for the NDP in those ridings risks handing more seats to the Conservatives. That would be the worst outcome for the province — and the country.
And another "vote mob" from Ryerson voiced their discontent.

I'll bet right now Stephen Harper wishes he'd been nice to the rest of us, and not just played to his base.

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