Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unbelievable. Harper Doesn't Even Pretend to Respect Democracy Now

In yet another unbelievably undemocratic move, Harper has moved Fabian Manning and Larry Smith back into the Senate, after they left to run as MPs.
They used our money to help with their campaigns, and are now going to again feed from the public trough as senators.

And why would the media even suggest that he's placing them there to help him make the senate more democratic by imposing term limits? He needs failed candidates to make the senate democratic?

Please tell me this is the latest Monty Python film, because it goes beyond bizarre.

Is it even legal?

Fabian Manning is the blowhard shyster in the following video. A really horrible man. It's time to scrap the senate, when they become nothing more than an extension of the Harper autocracy.

This government should just slap on uniforms, shut down Parliament and be done with it. I'm sick of the pretense that Canada is a democratic country.


  1. It just gets better and better... Baird as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Clement in charge of Treasury Board, failed Con candidates rewarded with Senatorships (after voters reject them, force them onto taxpayers anyway).

    Never in my worst nightmares about a Harper majority did I envision any of this. The next 4 years will be terrifying.

    (but hey, do Canadians even notice or care? doubt it)

  2. Today the senate, tomorrow the supreme court, then an uprising of Conservative voters who realize they've been neoconned.
    (I hope.)

  3. "This government should just slap on uniforms, shut down Parliament and be done with it."

    They will probably implement uniforms in increments so as to not alarm Canadians about the hard shift to the right which will occur under the thousand year Conservative majority. They will probably start with brown uniforms, and only gradually introduce black ones.

  4. It's all so frightening isn't it?

    Who is this moron and why isn't he working at Tim Hortons. WHAT'S HE DOING IN OUR GOVERNMENT SENATE!

    I agree with you...democracy is dead in this country..but the Canadian electorate condoned it fully in the last election...and most don't or will never understand what they've done, because they don't educate themselves.

    We don't deseve the freedom we do have....but it's fading rapidly.

    Some serious civil disobedience will be coming down the pipe's inevitable given the situation.

  5. I can't blame ordinary Canadians for our HarperCon disaster. Just look at the damage from the billionaire owned mass media. Ordinary folks are too busy working and making dinner and they count on the MSM for real news which they don't seem to realize yet they are not getting. Who would believe a 6'2" guy is sitting on his throne up in Ottawa planning and implementing the destruction of Canada? I mean, it is hard for the average person to believe that.

    Even if they do suspect it, they immediately feel powerless to stop it and go escape reality quickly by turning on the boob tube.

  6. Harper now controls every single thing. It's Nazi Germany all over again.

  7. At the bottom of the issues of respect for democracy is the respect for each individual living in it.