Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is the Tea Party Becoming Tepid and What Will it Mean for Harper?

South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley, was brought to power with the help of the Tea Party. As reward, she proposed a Tea Party Coalition in her state, using grassroots activism, to promote their agenda.

The crowning glory for this coalition, would be a rally, featuring Donald Trump. But when Trump backed out of the presidential race, he also backed away from the Tea Party, resulting in perhaps the poorest showing of the AstroTurf group for some time.
Philip Stanley came to Thursday’s rally from Asheville, N.C., in hopes of seeing Trump but said he was pleased to learn Haley would headline the event instead. Stanley said he respected Trump for directly questioning President Barack Obama about his birth certificate without fear of being labeled with “the R word” for racist .... “I never thought he was serious,” Stanley said of Trump. “He’s a promoter. Then, I heard Nikki Haley was here. That’s almost as good.”
But apparently not "almost as good" for most people, as the event was attended by only a handful of the faithful.

Are the Americans now backing away from the crazies? Obama's approval rating is at 60% and the birther movement, has been aborted, now that he produced the document they all claimed would prove he wasn't American born.

What will this mean for our crazy people? The ones who have contributed so much to the career of Stephen Harper, with the promise that they would be listened to.

He held them off when he was in a minority, but with a majority, they will not sit quiet, especially since many of them are in his caucus.

They'll applaud his destruction of the welfare state, that is until they realize that they are also victims, but they will also demand the right to bear arms (something Harper himself wrote into Reform Party policy), the abandonment of gay rights, women's rights and the rights of minorities, and the end of a woman's right to choose.

However, if Harper gives them all of these things, will they go away quietly, or emboldened, simply become more demanding?

Have some tea. One lump or two?

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  1. They certainly aren't going to go away quietly, Emily. We can be sure of that. And yes, they'll be emboldened and become more demanding.