Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is Big Bird Really a Commie?

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, right-wing columnist, Ben Shapiro, now says that Sesame Street has subliminal "pinko" messages.

And not just Sesame Street but other television favourites.
The TV series Friends undermined family values; Sesame Street taught ethnic minorities about civil disobedience; Happy Days had a subtle anti-Vietnam subtext; and the 1980s cop show MacGyver tried to persuade pistol-packing Americans that guns are bad.
He may have a point. I mean what's with all that sharing nonsense?

Sounds "Commie" to me.

In his new book, Primetime Propaganda, Shapiro undercovers the deep dark secrets of everyone from the Oscar the Grouch (Stalin?) to Kermit the Frog (Ghandi).

It's about time we got these "Reds" out of show business and back into the sock drawer where they belong.


  1. Yes, and the Teletubbies were gay because one of them carried a purse.
    You know, Emily, being a free thinking individual, which seemingly is not in vogue right now in Canada, I feel it's high time we all marginalize these selfish, obtuse morons into oblivion.

    That means, (from my point of view), not watching their (mainstream media's version of the) news, (not that I ever do anyhow), not reading their books, newspapers, or responding at all to their inane sense of what humanity is, or should be, because we all know what they’re saying is without merit.
    The anger I experience when I read this post is not how I want to feel. For them to get to me in this way, a person who happens to have a directly opposite point of view, means these freaks have the upper hand.

    Mr. Shapiro is nothing more that a hate-monger, a shallow small minded individual, spouting ignorance and getting paid to do it. If you combine that with the fact that there are many sheep that follow along, unquestioning what these paid hacks spout, I personally have found it's something I can no longer abide, especially after this past election, and I won’t even get into that.

    My feeling is that writing about what they say only serves to amplify them. It gives their hatred legs. It spreads their message.

    I'm not talking about putting my head in the sand, but I do refuse to acknowledge their existence from now on, and I have decided these fanatical mouth-pieces are not worth of my attention or any negative emotions that they constantly try to encourage.

    Sorry for the long rant. I just really feel protective of Sesame Street, and public television for that matter, too.

  2. I decided to google Ben Shapiro and it looks like he's seriously serious. I can't believe he could be serious about Sesame Street, but Google says he's a right-wing newspaper columnist, and doesn't say the book is humorous.
    If Kermit the Frog is Ghandi, I'm going to declare myself Green, because this Shapiro person is nuts. Instead of Jewish as his name suggests, is he maybe a born-again wingnut like Stephen Harper? Doesn't he realize the Nazis were right-wing fruitcakes gone bad?