Friday, May 20, 2011

Forget Ruth Ellen Brosseau. How About the Phantom Jim Hillyer?

After all the fuss over Ruth Ellen Brousseau not campaigning and fluffing her resume, the Conservatives have at least one new MP that few saw, or even had proof existed.

But they voted for him simply because he was Conservative.

‘Man Who Wasn’t There’ surfaces in Ottawa as newly minted Conservative MP

And while Brousseau's resume only suggested that she had graduated from St. Lawrence, when in fact she was two credits short, Hillyer's is almost a complete work of fiction.

I've never seen an election where so many people, got so much, for doing so little.

Welcome to democracy Canadian style.


  1. He looks like a bit of a bum, too, and he has very shifty eyes.
    Imagine voting for a total stranger just because his party is in power! The Neo-Cons have a lot of people neo-conned.

  2. A lot of the new NDP were the same. They never campaigned at all but won simply because of a media generated "surge".

  3. Well Ms. Brosseau spoke to the press, she is moving there and it seems her French is not as bad as rumoured. (She is a single mom, it might be good to have her in Ottawa... a forgotten group of people). The stuff I saw in the French press showed an improvement in presence. Can't be worse than many Con "posts" or "green plants" as we call the MPs who never do anything!

  4. You're right Line. One of her teachers at St. Lawrence spoke very highly of her, so everyone should give her a chance.

    She is said to be a very caring person, something sorely lacking in politics today.