Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ruth Ellen Brosseau May Lose Seat as Quick as She Won It. That's Vegas.

The NDP's most controversial new MP, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, may be in trouble with Elections Canada.

Apparently there were several names on her nomination papers that were allegedly forged.
There is some grumbling in semi-rural Quebec about the new local MP — and not just because she lives 300 kilometres away, didn't visit the riding to campaign, can't speak much French and spent part of the election vacationing in Las Vegas. The latest grumbling is about Ruth Ellen Brosseau's nomination papers. Her opponents suggest they may have been falsified and say the riding results should be nullified if that is the case.

A man in the Berthier-Maskinonge riding says he was stunned to see his name and address listed on the papers filed by the NDP campaign, when he doesn't recall giving his support. The name of Rene Young's wife, Lise Leblanc, is there too, except her name is misspelled and the signature was clearly forged, he added. "Lise Leblanc is written there — but Leblanc without a C," Young said Wednesday in his living room in Trois-Rivieres, at the eastern end of the riding.
This is one MP who should never, ever have been elected. How can she be trusted?

And to think that so many hard working men and women lost theirs.

A very sad time for Canada.


  1. Actually I believe the current precedent set by the governing party of the country is that Elections Act fraud does not require a resignation.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree this is bad. But the press's rush to kick it out Brosseaue stands in complete contradiction with the way it has treated the Conservative "In and Out" money laundering scheme.

  2. The real question is, will Jack Layton fire her if the allegations are true? This is as much a test for him as Brosseau.

  3. Yes, let's see what Layton does with this one. His hero, S. Harper (for Super Harper), thinks election fraud is okay. Is Layton going to agree? "That's the way we do things under The Harper Government, and it's okay by me if it's okay by Steve."

  4. Indeed. I think if they're proven true he will have no choice but to turf her from the caucus. At which point if the media aren't delving into every other NDP MP's records to stir up trouble, you can bet the Conservative Research Group will be (and will be releasing their findings, if any). I have no real problem with any of that.

    My point was just that the strong position now being taken against Brosseau is entirely correct but also seems entirely out of line with the way that many are treating equally or even more serious breaches of public trust by party leaders and by one party's leadership in particular.

  5. I just need to point out that she had nothing to do with collecting 100 signatures as candidates CANNOT collect their own signatures. It is the responsibility of ANYONE ELSE in the entire country to do that. So she is getting screwed for something she was not allowed to do or able to do. I agree that faking signatures is wrong but she cannot collect signatures so this is hardly her fault. Also seeing as these rules were brought in to stop the rhino party from existing and to discourage people from running for parliament I don't give them much clout. Also it is mainly the returning officer of the riding's fault because they are supposed to check and see if the signatures are legitimate. In 2008 I had to go out and get 10 signatures with hours to go before the nomination deadline because the returning officer rejected fifty signatures... Finally she probably has enough signatures without the fake ones on there to be a candidate as most people get more than the required number because of the signatures which will be rejected for whatever reason.

  6. Dude, when the news first hit of an NDP surge in Quebec, the media contacted the NDP office. They were told that they only had about six functioning riding offices in that province.

    Most candidates had no contact information, telephones or staff. Many lived far away from the riding they were to represent.

    All reports indicate that she did this on her own.

  7. Scandale à Berthier: la direction du NPD est responsable !

    C'est la direction du NPD qui est responsable de cet outrage à la démocratie, et non pas les électeurs qui ont de bonne foi voté pour des mesures sociales progressistes … qui ne se réaliseront d’ailleurs pas du fait de la victoire des conservateurs.

    Il est très choquant d’entendre le discours de Monsieur Layton, qui nous répète ad nauseam que tout va bien à propos des élections dans la circonscription de Berthier-Maskinongé … puisque Madame Ruth Ellen Brosseau a été “kidnappée” pour son bien et pour celui de ses malheureux électeurs. Cette tentative maladroite de colmater une brèche dans la réputation du NPD est tout à fait contreproductive, car d’autres cas de malversations apparaissent, que l’inexpérience, l’improvisation ou l’incompétence ne peuvent excuser, puisque l’on a affaire à un parti qui prétendait accéder au pouvoir, et non à un de ces groupuscules pittoresques qui parsèment marginalement le paysage électoral.

    Après nous avoir abusés avec un “miroir aux alouettes” progressiste, les “orangistes” de Toronto ont-ils l’ambition de nous faire “prendre des vessies pour des lanternes” ?

    En tant que membre du NPD-Québec, je demande à Monsieur Layton de respecter les citoyens du Québec ainsi que l’éthique que notre parti prétend mettre de l’avant, en reconnaissant les malversations de mise en candidature dans diverses circonscriptions du Québec, et en exigeant la démission immédiate de Madame Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

    Yves Claudé - sociologue