Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John Baird as Foreign Affairs Minister. Haven't We Been Punished Enough?

It has been announced that John Baird will be the new Foreign Affairs minister.

If the international community was laughing at us before, they'll be downright giddy now.

Even his own party make fun of Baird's antics, one member calling him a "walking caricature".

Oh, boy!


  1. Harper is laying to waste a hard-earned diplomatic reputation; Canada will now be the laughing stock of the world.

    He's sending the world the finger -- "take this!".

    It will take generations to re-earn the confidence of the world after this. With time, they may see this as a strange and uncharacteristic aberration.

  2. I hope Laura is right, that this will be seen as aberration uncharacteristic of Canada some day. In the meantime, appointing a walking caricature as Foreign Affairs Minister — a sensitive position, to say the least — really is a daring and stupid move on Harper's part.
    When we were in The Netherlands and in France this year, people still love Canada for the role played in World War II. Not one person mentioned "peacekeeping" or "aid missions" or any of the things for which we were once known. Fortunately, no one mentioned our present government, either.
    But it won't be long before the people who still love us for WWII realize that our country is no longer what it once was.

  3. Oh, they are already aware.

    I am currently in Europe, and believe me, Europeans have noticed that Canada has veered to the right. They ask me "Canada -- what happened to Canada? What is going on?". Now I am alarmed to note that they have actually noticed we had an election a couple of weeks ago -- most extraordinary.

    In Canada, we are very insulated from the international community's opinion; we have just shrugged away the humiliation of the Security Council seat vote, but Canadians should be paying attention to how the Harper Government is playing overseas.

  4. John Baird is our John Bolton, He will only bring shame and embarassment to Canada.