Friday, May 13, 2011

Are Canadians Having Buyer's Remorse?

The last election results seems to have brought Canadians out of their stupor, now stuck with a Harper majority and a weakened opposition. The Bloc is all but wiped out and the NDP is almost 60% from Quebec and rookies.

The Liberals are still breathing but will have no more clout in Parliament than Jack Layton. This couldn't have turned out better for neoconservatism.

However, the Liberal Party is reporting that since the election they are gaining 150 to 200 new members a day. Canada has completely lost it's centre, and it would seem that many are interested in getting it back.

The Liberals can use this time, while out of the limelight, to rebuild. And I hope they do it with youth and not the same old, same old.

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