Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sorry Dimitri Soudas but This is Not About Embarrassing Your Boss

After wondering this morning what would happen to the Afghan Detainee issue, Dimitri Soudas has given us a hint.

NDP Jack Harris, a man I greatly admire, is calling for the immediate release of all documents.

However Soudas hints at what could happen:
“Given the changes to the composition of the House, discussions surrounding the process are best held after the House resumes sitting,” Soudas said in an email. He noted that the Conservatives still support the release of the information even though its new majority status in the House of Commons means it could effectively block opposition measures designed to embarrass, shame or implicate Harper’s government in any wrongdoing.
Knowing that Soudas has zero credibility, we can be sure that any documents that would "embarrass, shame or implicate Harper’s government in any wrongdoing" will be buried.

The NDP should indeed sit on the committee and I hope Harris pushes them hard. Canadians have a right to know what was done in their name.

David Frum, one of the engineers of the neoconservative movement, was on Bill Maher last week, and he suggested that seeing as how Bin Laden is dead, the government should drop all investigations into the use of torture. The rationale is that it works.

I expect Harper will do the same. Suggesting that it's time to put it behind us.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.


  1. Oh, good. Let's condone torture "because it works"? Another chance for the Harpies to prove how inhumane and inhuman they really are.

  2. Canadian soldiers handed over detainees to known torturers. This is a violation of international law according to the Geneva convention.

    The Reform-Conservatives were made aware of the situation, but did nothing about it. I think that they were just too incompetent to understand that they should have taken action to stop the torture. But I'm not sure that incompetence is a valid legal defense.

    It will be interesting to see what Stephen Harper has to say when he's on the stand.