Monday, May 16, 2011

Marc Garneau: He Didn't Leave Outer Space For You

One person being considered to act as interim Liberal leader is Marc Garneau. A former astronaut and president of the Canadian Space Agency, Garneau jokingly says "that he can take any possible Conservative attack ad that they may want to consider."

He underestimates the Harperites.

However, I do think that he would be an excellent choice to lead the team during this difficult period.

But making three journeys to outer space? Is he "just visiting"? Did he return to earth for us?

So many important questions.


  1. There is only one logical explanation: he was secretly replaced by space aliens intent on taking over Canada!

  2. Do you think that would make it into an attack ad?

  3. Maybe the Liberals should create attack ads attacking themselves, and beat the Conservative-Reformers to the punch. 'Marc Garneau, replaced by an alien clone while in space. Can you really trust this man?'.

    It could diffuse the actual attack ads, and provide us with a much needed laugh at the same time.

  4. That would be a really good idea. Maybe they could publish a small comic book or something like that.

  5. I think he'd do a great job. The things they have to endure in space should make him at least somewhat prepared for the invasion of the Harpies. But there's always the question of how much time he spent outside Canada.

  6. "That would be a really good idea. Maybe they could publish a small comic book or something like that."

    I was thinking of a full production video, but a 'small comic book' might do the trick. As long as there are no words, so that it has a chance of being understood by the Reform party hardcore supporters....

  7. A spoof of attack ads would be both funny and effective, methinks. The NDP ads were simple and effective.