Thursday, May 5, 2011

Canada Dropped From 11th to 19th Place in Global Integrity Standing

No surprises here. The new global rankings, comparing nations based on integrity and accountability, has dropped Canada from 11th to 19th place, since 2007.

Shocking that we're still that high.
Global Integrity Report lowers Canadian federal government's score from 80 to 75 -- Weak enforcement of Accountability Act's loophole-filled rules the main reason for drop in democracy rating.

Canada drops from 11th to 19th out of 100 countries assessed since 2007 -- A "Real Accountability Act" needed to end secret donations, gifts and lobbying; excessive secrecy overall; patronage appointments; conflicts of interest; arbitrary election calls; lack of PM, judicial and Senate accountability and; to strengthen whistleblower protection and good government enforcement agencies.
And while our legal Framework scored 90 out of 100, the actual implementation, netted only 61 out of 100, ranked "very weak". I guess buying the silence of the integrity czar isn't admired as much as it should be.

I wonder how much further we can fall.


  1. People don't believe me when I tell them these things, Emily, so I've stopped talking about it. But I cannot see "The Harper Government" becoming more accountable. Not a chance!

  2. Its the end of Canada and I feel fine.

    Sorry R.E.M.