Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sun TV Suffers Another Blow

Sun TV, better known as Fox News North, have suffered another blow.

Bell Satellite just dropped them over a fee dispute.
There were reports the new channel had an estimated 37,000 viewers across Canada tune in for its initial half-hour, when it hit the airwaves with what it called "hard news and straight talk.''

Since then there have been suggestions that audiences have declined sharply. But Lavoie dispute that, saying "our ratings are going up day-by-day," adding that coverage of the federal election between 8 p.m. and midnight drew around 100,000 viewers.
Gee, if only we had more elections.


  1. Way to go, Bell. Let's give them the message: go away, we don't want you.

  2. Sorry to correct everyone :(

    It is not Fox news north.

    It is really Faux news north.

    Sorry had to clear this up :)

  3. Bell GlobeMedia. Why should they help a competitor?

    Bell and Videotron (part of Quebecor) are at war for the TV market, the telephone market...

    Also, I think people resent the way PKP tried to get the license, etc. I for one called Videotron and told them that if they ever try to impose Sun Propaganda network to me I am ending my subscription.

    And there are so many channels to choose from. Why watch crap?