Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Elections Canada to Investigate Bogus Phone Calls

Elections Canada will investigate bogus phone calls made on election day, telling people that their polling stations had closed:
Elections Canada has launched an investigation into an election day telephone hoax designed to prevent voters from reaching the polls in three ridings in Ontario. CBC News has obtained a copy of a fraudulent automated telephone message reported in Guelph, Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo telling people their polling locations had moved.

"This is an automated message from Elections Canada. Due to a projected increase in voter turnout your poll location has been changed," says one message retrieved from a resident’s telephone voicemail system in Guelph. "Your new voting location is at the old Quebec Street mall at 55 Wyndham Street North, " the message states. But Elections Canada said it’s a hoax, that the polling locations had not been moved and frustrated voters were left scrambling trying to determine where to vote.
It happened in Kingston as well, prompting our local Liberal riding association to contact it's members, and warnings were also given by the local media.

This election we witnessed more dirty tricks, scams and hoaxes, than I can ever remember. We can't let this go.

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  1. Remember when Canadians were considered honorable, and most of us would never think of anyone else cheating, never mind doing it ourselves?