Thursday, May 12, 2011

Harper's Arctic Winds Were Barely a Tropical Breeze

One of George Bush's last acts before leaving the White House was to lay claim to Arctic sovereignty.

One of the most expensive photo-ops charged to the Canadian taxpayer, was Stephen Harper's Arctic bluster.

But when the chest thumping settled, we learn through Wikileaks that it was nothing more than show.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally warned NATO’s secretary general to keep the alliance out of the Arctic or risk increasing tensions with Russia, according to “confidential” U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by APTN National News that also reveal American diplomats believe the prime minister is more bark than bite on northern sovereign.
This is a man who runs from his own people, do we really believe he would stand up to anyone he can't bully?

Little Johnny with a slingshot would probably have him wetting his pants.

The memos also reveal that any Arctic discussions were to be withheld until after the 2008 Canadian election, so that it didn't become an issue.
The US embassy cables also expose US concerns about Canada's territorial claims to the North West passage and to "seabed resources that extend to the edge of the continental shelf".

They show that in 2008 the US embassy in Ottawa asked Washington to delay a new presidential directive requiring "the United States to assert a more active and influential national presence to protect its Arctic interests". Officials were worried that if it was released before the Canadian federal election the Arctic would become a big election issue and "negatively impact US-Canadian relations". The directive was in fact delayed till after the Canadian election.
What other secrets are out there? Far too many I assume.


  1. Far too many, I assume, too, Emily.
    Gone are the days when the Government of Canada worked for the people of Canada, and told us about everything they did...because they were proud of their work. Stephen Harper has nothing of which to be proud. No wonder there are so many secrets.

  2. I agree. It's all about tearing down and staying in power.

  3. I am glad you saw that. The U.S. viewpoint on the Harper Follies is interesting. And it shows we are not "seeing things"!