Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Fudged NDP Resume

I would imagine that if you went over all MP resumes from all parties, you would find many that stretch the truth.

For the NDP, it hasn't mattered until now. But they want to present an alternative government over these next, at least, four years. Honesty will be one measure.
The NDP is taking the fall again for another MP’s erroneous resume posted on the party’s website. “It was a mistake made by the party,” said NDP spokesman Steven Moran.

... QMI Agency has learned the new Quebec MP does not have a degree from the University of Montreal, despite that his official biography stated he had three certificates from the institution. University records showed Larose signed up for courses at University of Montreal but never received a certificate.
I'll bet there are a lot of new MPs in panic mode right now.

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  1. What a bunch of nit-picking. The Harpies are doing exactly what I said they would. They broke the Liberal party and now they're trying to break the NDP, so they'll be the only game in town. Canada, a country with one political party. Sound like Fascist Germany? Could be, could be.