Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Rebuild the Liberal Party There's No Place Like Home

Despite the fact that the Conservative Party poured thousands and thousands of dollars into the riding of Kingston and the Islands, the Liberals won, with a rookie candidate Ted Hsu.

And the reason for this is that they built up the riding association, in part by playing an active role in all issues relating to the community.

During the Coalition crisis they helped to organize an information session at City Hall, along with candidates for the NDP and Green Party. The Conservative candidate was invited but declined.

During Harper's last self-serving prorogation, they again took part in an information session and rally, along with the NDP and Green. The Conservative candidate was invited but declined.

And throughout all of the protests against the closing of the Prison Farms, they were a presence, again with the NDP and Green. The Conservative candidate was invited but declined.

They also took part in local fundraisers for the foodbank, Martha's Table (a soup kitchen) and the Terry Fox Run.

And several high profile MPs were invited to Kingston to speak. Not as rah rahs to the faithful, but to address specific issues. Mark Holland and Wayne Easter paid several visits, working with the Save the Prison Farm group. Sadly it cost Holland, because the Conservatives, with the help of the gun lobby, took his seat. It was very sad.

We had an expert on criminal issues speak and while he said that he didn't want to be partisan (when asked who we should vote for), he was impressed with Holland and said that he was very well informed and committed to social Justice issues.

Now we have a Conservative MP brought to power by a group calling themselves Gunnutz. Oye.

Carolyn Bennett also made an appearance to discuss our dwindling democracy, and the place was packed with people of all political stripes.

That event alone raised over $6,000. Impressive given that we were told that cash donations couldn't exceed $20.

In all Ted Hsu managed to raise over $100,000 while raising his profile.

That's what the Liberals need to do in all ridings, starting now. Use public dissent to their advantage. Find the issues, the causes and the deficiencies, and then get pro-active.

The hat was passed at Liberal sponsored events, but at others only their faces and their hands.

Remember the old saying that if you look after the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. Well, we need to look after our home communities and the national victories will come.

Just my thought for today.


  1. I love this, Emily. Wonderful to have all those speakers, all those questions answered, all that participation within the riding.
    And I love "The Conservative candidate was invited but declined." Yessss, that shows them for who they are. Harper's Conservatives are like Harper himself, they don't care about the people of Canada, they care about power.
    Your Mr. Hsu sounds like the kind of candidate the Liberals should have in every riding. Up front, up close and personal.

  2. What I can't fathom is -- how could Canadians vote fore candidates who refuse to speak TO them? How do they think these people could ever speak FOR them? Saying that they were voting for a leader and party is even worse -- how could they vote for a party the leader of which refuses to answer more than 5 questions a day (and those extremely grudgingly??).

    I just can't understand this; I am gobsmacked.