Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Ezra Levant. You Don't Scare Us You Disgust Us

After Bell dropped Fox News North, Ezra Levant has come out swinging, suggesting that they are attacking our freedom of speech.
This is about freedom versus censorship — Bell’s power to force CTV on everyone, versus your right to a different view. Freedom of speech is a Canadian value. Bell Canada’s hardball play isn’t just abusing its regulatory privileges. It’s unCanadian, too. Maybe they don’t care about freedom over there, but I bet if enough Canadians cancel their Bell contracts, they’ll listen.
Gee. I'm ready to send in the troops. Our very freedom is on the line here folks.

Levant provides a phone number:


And an email address:

I'm going to contact them and thank them. Sun produces enough poison in print. We don't need it on our airwaves.

Levant believes that his "hard hitting" news scares us. It doesn't. It only disgusts us.

Thank you Bell Canada.


  1. The Toronto Sun is one of the worst of the tabloids. It's so bad, I can't believe anyone reads it, never mind taking it seriously.
    However, some people do. Some people who believe all the lies they see in print. Some people who obviously aren't too bright. But they VOTE, Emily. That's the problem, they vote.
    I know you are holding onto some hope for Canada, and I applaud you for it. I'm not as optimistic as you are — not yet, but I'm willing to be wrong. I'm more than willing to be wrong.

  2. sad to say the Toronto Sun is a better format that is user friendly when on the subway or bus then the Star or Globe.

    Yes I find the Sun a rag better used for bird cage liners.

  3. Perhaps, if there are any truly impartial newspapers left in the country, they should re-tool to tabloid format, to become user-friendly on subways and buses. If commuters read only the Toronto Sun, we are in for a hell of a ride.