Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bob Rae Chosen as Interim Liberal Leader

The Liberals have just named Bob Rae as interim leader.

A good choice.

He is an extremely likable guy, experienced and already weather beaten from Conservative attacks.

But Rae will be an important factor in earning trust from the business community as they rebuild without the democratic vote subsidies.

As Lawrence Martin said recently, many moderates will simply not vote NDP. So unless we rebuild the centre, many voters will go to the right and possibly stay there.

When they choose a permanent leader though, they must go with someone young and fresh.

As Glen Pearson says, we can't afford to mess this up.

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  1. Bob plays one hell of a piano, too. Lil' Stevie will run hiding like a little girl behind his mama's skirt if ever has to face-off in a play-off with Bob.