Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Harper Majority Means Canada Now a Haven for Haters

Now that the media can free themselves from the shackles of nonsense, and frame their stories around neoconservatism, welcoming Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter and even the late Irving Kristol into our lives, we can start having serious discussions on what the success of this movement means to Canadians.

For starters it means that we will be free to show hatred toward anyone we decide we should hate. And for Harper's team they barely waited for the new to wear off their majority before heading in that direction.

This week the controversial Geert Wilders made an appearance at the taxpayer funded National Arts Centre. Billed as part of the "Tulip Festival", it was just another platform for this Dutch MP to spew his hatred against Islam. Neocons love him.

The radical International Free Press Society is a strong advocate for hate speech, and support people like Wilder and even our own helium sucking Ezra Levant. Levant returns the favour with a little Fox News North interview.

I can only handle about 2 minutes of Levant's nonsense but got as far as the "death threats" and the UK banning him from speaking. Gee, I can't imagine that happening anywhere, can you? And death threats? Shocking.

But as Warren Kinsella reminds us: "Wilders isn’t really the issue, here. A more salient issue, for Canadians, is the kind of government we can, and should, expect for the next four years".

It's gonna' be a rough ride.


  1. A rough ride, indeed, Emily.
    It looks like anti-Islam is the new anti-semitism. We have Islamic friends and I am appalled at the ignorance of Canadians who buy into this kind of overt hate-propaganda.

  2. Sort of makes it difficult to court the ethnic vote, don't you think Jason?

  3. The only Haters are on CAPP/CRUSH.....LOL!