Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Canada Boat to Gaza Has Ruffled a Few Right Wing Feathers

The Canada Boat to Gaza is ready to sail in June and the Right Wing noise machine is doing what it can to paint the group as radicals.

Brain Lilley writes in the Sun:
Radicals from this country are organizing to take part in a flotilla that will try to run the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. A boat from this country is expected to be part of that flotilla in June and one of the main groups involved gets millions of your tax dollars. You remember the last run so-called peace groups took at Gaza.
A bit of revisionist history suggests that the heavily armed commandos were threatened by humanitarian aid.

The Canada Boat to Gaza will be part of a flotilla organized by The Christian Peacemaker Team
The faith-based, human rights organization has maintained a presence in the region for the past 15 years to "help create a space for justice and peace" through non-violent direct action.

"We are appalled by the conditions in Gaza and by the silence of the international community with regard to the ongoing blockade of Gaza enforced by the military," said Lyn Adamson, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. "The freedom flotilla is a way to bring urgently needed aid to the people of Gaza. As Canadians we want to see this suffering end."
We may no longer be a progressive country under our current government, but it doesn't mean the 60% who didn't vote for them have lost their voice.

I hope everyone gets behind this courageous group.

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