Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jack Layton Wins as Least Civil in the House

A new study concludes that Jack Layton is the least civil MP during Question Period.
As he aims to introduce a more positive, pleasant opposition party in Parliament Thursday, a new civility index finds NDP leader Jack Layton is among the worst offenders when it comes to negative exchanges during Question Period.

Sure, it’s his job to rattle the government’s chains and hold the status quo to account. But Mr. Layton may want to rebrand his effort to create a better Question Period and atmosphere in Parliament, suggests the index created by communications researchers at McMaster University.
And while it is the Opposition's job to hold the government to account, if you peruse Hansard, you'll see that many, if not most of Layton's barbs were against the Liberals ... when they were NOT the government.


  1. Jack Layton sold out Canada to Steve Harper

    Prime Minister Martin had promised to call the election within thirty days of the release of retired justice John Gomery’s final report on the Liberal sponsorship scandal, which was delivered as planned on February 1, 2006.

    Either way, therefore, a trip to the polls was imminent. But ndp strategists thought it dangerous to allow the government to set the terms of debate, and were concerned that on the key issue of political ethics the party would be caught in a squeeze between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

    They believed that the Liberals would accept virtually all of Justice Gomery’s recommendations and that a chastened Liberal Party could win a majority government.



    How Jack Layton helps keep neocon Harper in power

    But it was what Layton did not say that evening that was more interesting. He did not mention that the most ideologically right-wing prime minister in Canadian history was about to be sworn into office, and he did not mention that while the ndp’s 2006 election result was impressive, the party no longer held the same sway in Parliament.


    - the NDP is largely responsible for putting Harper in office in the first place, in 2006. You tell me is it normal for a supposed left winged party to be celebrating this 'big change' over a few extra seats, without much acknowledgement that the most ideologically right winged PM was about to be sworn into office?



  2. Since 2004, Stephen Harper and Jack Layton had a pact not to attack each other, with the common goal of destroying the Liberals. This has perplexed many longtime NDP supporters.

    Paul Wells wrote that they tag teamed the Liberals to destroy the brand.





    Ron Waller
    The Green party is the best friend of corporations who want to make easy money destroying the environment.


    Green Party's May begins Commons career - Politics - CBC News
    As Canada's first, and only, Green Party member of Parliament took her seat in the House of Commons Thursday, the historic nature of the event was overshadowed by questions about what Elizabeth May can really accomplish.
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    Ron Waller They have been helping neo-conservatives get elected since 2000, when the US Green party vote was enough to put George W. Bush over the top. In case people forgot about that one, the Green party helped defeat Al Gore. They have been splitting the center-left vote in Canada since 2004, helping Harper get power in Canada. Talk about the road to hell paved with good intentions.

    Very astute analysis and one that I certainly agree with - for quite some time now both my boy Stevie and Jacko have been slicing and dicing away at the liberal Party a form of politcial Good Cop Bad Cop sort of strategy and it has payed off in spades - there are people in the Liberal Party that actually hate harper so much that they think he is their main enemy and will actually encourage ABC or anything else they think will hurt harper without stopping to think and really investigate who their real enemy is. Harper isn't the Liberals main enemy as he wants the party to last as long as possible so he can continue to harvest off the centre right and those that realize the Lib's main enemy is the NDP and always has been! this is the true brilliance of how Stevie boy has moved the chessmen around the board - there are actually Lib's out there who think they and the NDP are sort of friends with a common enemy .- Jacko too has outplayed and outfoxed the Lib's - the best part was when Jack BRILLIANTLY turned on Iggy at the debates and stuck a knife right in the heart of the party with the promotion and attendance line !!! too perfect and oh so deadly as the surge started as of that moment !



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    I blame Jack the Hack.

    If he hadn't voted with heir Harper for the prospect a a few more lousy seats, he could have achieved so much more with PM Martin. Instead he condemned Canada to 5 years of reform misgovernance. Reformers should be on the knees kissing his feet.

    What worse is that Jack is on the verge of doing worse damge by facilitating a chance at a harper majority.

    Thank you very much Jack for scre_wing Canada.


  3. Repost from Dan Cumming - Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that the NDP keeps trying to demonize the Liberals as just like the Conservatives. Or maybe the spin on Jack being willing to cooperate while the Liberals apparently formed a coalition with ...the Conservatives voting over 100 times in support. We can't have an election every time something is difficult so folks make compromises. Not going to say I was happy every time, but you can't call it cooperation when you do it and something awful when someone else does. What really galls you is that mostly, the Liberals ignored the NDP in the early going. All done for now. Have to go watch the Canucks.


    Lester B. Pearson's granddaughter
    Patricia’s Open Letter to her MP

    I’m angry at the NDP.

    Why? The system is broken, and you’re not fixing it, and you’re asking me to behave as if it doesn’t matter that you’re not trying to fix it.

    By system, I mean that a vote for you translates, once again, into a vote for Stephen Harper, the most odious and manipulative politician I have ever seen operate in Canada.
    You know this, that he’s relying on a split centre-left vote, and yet you’re not offering any solution. On the contrary, the NDP is bolstering Harper’s credibility by going after the Liberals. Tripping up Ignatieff every which way, whenever you can find dirt, or suitable rhetoric.

    You are putting ego, and traditional party ideology, ahead of the good of our nation. You know that you can’t win as a party, yet you are ensuring that the Liberals cannot win either. Even though you surely know that a Harper majority would spell disaster for everything that you – and I – hold dear.



    Jack Layton is a Horse's Ass! There I Said It!

    If Harper gets his majority I'm going to send Layton a "thank you very much" card. Canada had a good run and who knows. Maybe we'll be Harper-Laytonland. Nah.

    He agreed to make Harper prime minister in 2004. He sided with Harper in 2005 to take down Paul Martin, leaving a national childcare plan and the Kelowna Accord on the table. He agreed during that campaign to go easy on the Conservatives because Harper convinced him that getting rid of the Liberals was the prize. In 2008, he campaigned against the Carbon Tax, aping the Conservative ads.

    Maybe we should be worried about a Layton-Harper coalition.