Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Jack Layton Wants to be a Liberal Now. What the .... ?

Jack Layton plans to run his election campaign as 'Liberal Layton', taking on Michael Ignatieff instead of Stephen Harper.

Just how badly does he want Harper to get a majority?
The NDP have identified a new voter for the upcoming election campaign – the Layton Liberal. That’s the group Jack Layton and his team will be aggressively courting as they prepare to do battle this spring, according to senior New Democratic officials in a pre-election background briefing this week.
My "go to" party just switched to the Green. The NDP are no longer a viable alternative if I get mad at the Liberals.

For now I'm going with Michael Ignatieff. We need smart for a change.

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  1. I'm afraid I've had to give up on the NDP after years of loyalty built upon my pleasant association with the International Typographical Union.
    If Jack Layton would stick to his own party line, but be prepared to form a coalition with the Liberals, we could get rid of the Harpies. If he is going to bounce back and forth between supporting one party and then another, he is going to ruin everything, and we'll end up with the fox back in the henhouse again.