Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conservatives Have no Plan to Balance Books. Liberals Have Already Proven That They Can

The Conservatives are hoping to campaign on the budget, but they may have a problem. The Financial Post has already given it the thumbs down and CARP, the premier Seniors organization agrees.

In true Conservative fashion, Julian Fantino is attacking the seniors. That should get him far.

The budget provides no plan to eliminate the deficit and balance the books. The Liberals cleaned up Brian Mulroney's mess and left this government with a $13 billion surplus, which they blew well before the economic crisis.

If you can still read Jane Taber without wanting to hurl, she writes that Michael Ignatieff is on fire, with only a few digs at the Liberals. I read the piece because of the heading. When I caught the snide remarks I looked at who wrote it, and admit that I didn't finish.

There are rumours that Harper may go to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament before he has to face contempt charges. That will make three times that he's "cut and run". What a coward.

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