Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stephen Harper Trying to Buy the Election With OUR Money

After spending millions and millions and millions and millions, of tax dollars for self-promotion ads, the 'Harper' government has decided that they may be able to squeeze a few more dollars from the public purse, to buy an election.

And if that means giving exorbitant amounts to snowmobile clubs, as a good use of your money, then so be it.
The federal government handed out yet another cheque Monday to a Quebec snowmobiling club, the latest in more than $6 million of federal funding announcements that have gone to snowmobile clubs in that province since the last
federal election. Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis presented a cheque for $70,000 Monday to the Club motoneige Beauce-Frontenac -- located in his riding -- for the purchase of a new snowmobile trail-grooming machine. The same club got $90,000 last year from Paradis for a trail-grooming machine.

Not a dime to fight poverty, or create decent jobs. But thousands for a snow making, "trail-grooming" machine.

Still not convinced that this government has to go?

Montreal Simon gives us plenty of reason.

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