Monday, March 14, 2011

Dean Del Mastro Announces More Government Waste

Dean Del Mastro is announcing that the 'Harper' government is going to spend 100 million dollars to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812, that will include battle reenactments.

Sounds rather sporting doesn't it?

Will they be realistic reenactments or more revisionist history? Afterall, most of the foot soldiers and much of the military intelligence, was provided by our first nations, so will they reflect that?

It doesn't really matter, because what we are talking about here, is an enormous expenditure of our money at a time when unemployment is on the rise again and hunger increasing.

When many seniors can't provide the daily requirements to sustain life and many children are going to bed hungry.

But when his leader was presented with a Senate report to help alleviate hunger and poverty, he stuck his nose in the air and tossed it aside.

So how is Dino going to sell this to his constituents when Peterborough's unemployment rate is at 9.6%, higher than the national average and their foodbank use is on the rise.

Or maybe he can explain to the Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty why battle reenactments are more important than helping the poor.

$100 million dollars. Is he kidding me?

Fortunately, by 2012, this government will only be a bad memory and Dino will be back to selling used cars. Good riddance.


  1. HarperCon and his backroom goons don't care about War of 1812, this is just more hidden and secret campaigning for Harper's Government.

    ECK! YUCK!


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  2. That's extraordinary. And I think you left out the punch line:

    "Ms. Shaul said one proposal is to tell the story of 1812 using puppets accompanied by south-east Asian music."

  3. That's a lot of money for a bicentennary.

    For the 25th anniversary of the Constitution,
    Harper spent nothing.

    Do you remember any observances or celebrations of the Constitution in 2007? Coins? Stamps?

    Nothing at all.