Friday, March 11, 2011

Poor Pierre Poilievre. He Had to Buy Constituents. Literally.

Just how annoying do you have to be, when as a politician you can't get people willing to have their picture taken with or for you?

Let's ask Pierre Poilieve. To create a website suggesting that he is a friend of the immigrant community (I guess he got Jason Kenney's memo), he had to buy photos of immigrants from
At first glance, the photograph on Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre’s website appears to show him surrounded by a happy and diverse group of constituents. There’s a young Asian family with two daughters, a doctor who appears to be of Indian descent with an elderly white patient, and a three-shot of a young girl with her mother and grandmother. They stand in front of a large Canadian flag with a mist of red maple leaves around them.

But none of these people pictured on Poilievre’s website is actually a constituent of his Nepean-Carleton riding or, for that matter, a Canadian citizen. The images of this multi-ethnic group were purchased from online stock photo agencies and inserted into the website graphic with photo editing software.
Unbelievable. I wonder what staffer will be "fired" over this one.


  1. Congratulations Emily.
    Private Investigators will be recruiting you.

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  3. I can already guess the response: "I don't handle my website and I hadn't visited it recently, because I've been much too busy serving the public. I take full responsibility, of course. A member of my staff who was responsible for my website has stated that this was done without instructions from me and offered their resignation, which I have accepted."

    Am I right?

    Job security for aides in this government is truly atrocious. That that I too feel too bad for people who mislead the public.

  4. Well old girl
    You have now become a private dick, I see.
    Journalist, PI, and Harper's # 1 enemy...quite a resume there...does CSIS have a file on you...are you sure

  5. Can you please provide a link or reference for the block quote describing the source of the photographs? I would very much like to share this story but need more information to back it up.