Saturday, March 26, 2011

If "Losers" Can't Form a Government, What is Harper Doing There?

When Stephen Harper was in London he made the claim 'Losers don’t get to form coalitions'. Little Janie Taber drooled.

Unfortunately, Harper's own coalition of 'losers' aside, he clearly is either ignorant of, or intentionally disdainful of, the Canadian parliamentary system. All 308 Members of Parliament are 'winners', elected by the Canadian people.

Harper is simply an elected Member of Parliament, along with the other 307 elected Members of Parliament. In the 'first past the post' system, as leader of the party with the most seats, he got to form a government. The fact that his party didn't get the 'majority' of seats, by his definition, makes them 'losers'.

Government is independent of Parliament, and the main role of Parliament is to make the government accountable to the citizens. They can't do that unless the government is honest and open with them.

Contempt for Parliament can be a national pastime, but CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT is a CRIME.

Stephen Harper has just gone down in history as a "criminal".

It's just that simple.

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