Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stephen Harper's New Environmental Plan is to Keep Canadians in Stitches

The Globe ran a story today under the headline 'Lower Churchill Project a 'Big Chance' to make climate gains, Harper says.' The comments make better reading than the story, which is difficult to read with tears in your eyes from laughing at the notion of Harper caring about the environment. Too hypocritical for words.

They've since change the heading but you can still see it in the address. It's now Harper wooing Newfoundland ‘with Quebeckers’ money’.

You can read the article if you want, but the best reading is in the comments.

Pierrio: "So climate exists in Newfoundland where hydroelectricity is produced, but not so in the Alberta tar sands. Ain't that convenient."

Sunnyfish: "So Harper believes in Climate Change now? What is going on? Next I am expecting him to concede that the world isn't 6000 years old. Nah, his head would probably spin around and that makes for a poor image."

Merkin: "Harper and climate change! hahahahahahahahahaha. I'm convinced he's listening to the voices in his head now."

Thay_T: "Well we know a promise from The Right Honourable Prime Minister is as good as his word. Oh.... about those Income Trusts........ Before he takes on climate change, I think it's up to Canadians to deal with changing the climate in Ottawa".

BCFORME: "Listening to Harper preach about climate change is like listening to Joseph Stalin lecture about human rights.".

Toronto Elite: "Harper's legacy. Another day another lie.".

Free Me: "Harper talking about Climate Gains. I giggled. A lot."

Gs5: "Harper's Policy Platform: coalition,.... Coalition,..... Coalition,.......Coalition..........."

King Buzzo the First: "For the past 30 months, the Harper Gov. met 1100 times (!) with big oil lobbyists. Yes he cares about the environment, don't worry."

We win two colossal fossil awards for sabotaging climate change negotiations and now he's concerned about the environment. What a joke. The new heading only flames Western-Quebec rivalries. Good job Globe and Mail.

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