Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harper Says Half Million Dollar "Hush Money" Paid to Ethics Czar Worth Every Penny

Stephen Harper is defending the $500,000 tax dollars paid as "hush money" to the woman who apparently swept roughly 50 fraud allegations against his government, under the rug.

That is pretty reasonable. Only $10,000 each. Maybe we should give her Charlie Sheen's phone number.
An alliance of more than 30 advocacy groups, from labour unions to animal-welfare associations, has asked the government to cancel the severance package worth more than $500,000 that was paid to disgraced integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet.

The alliance, which calls itself the Government Ethics Coalition, points out that severance is normally given to people who are laid off or fired
– not those who voluntarily retire – and it is usually paid out at a rate of one to two weeks’ pay for every year served.
And of course the woman who made a fortune protecting the big guy, is crying foul. Thick as thieves.

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