Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Does Stephen Harper Only Call in the RCMP When He Gets Caught?

I love Bruce Carson's bio at the University of Calgary.
He comes to the position after more than two decades in politics. Carson served as director of policy and research for the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper when he was leader of the Opposition. In his most recent role as Senior Policy adviser to Prime Minister Harper, Carson has spent the last three years working on policy in both the Energy and Environment portfolios as well as other federal government initiatives.
No mention of the fact that he was working deals for a 22-year-old 'escort'.

Or that he had a criminal past:

The people who hired Bruce Carson knew he had a criminal record before tapping him to serve as the executive director of the Canada School of Energy and Environment.

Stephen Harper had no problem with his criminal past, until the media exposed it. Now he's all muster and bluster.

The disadvantage of Harper's tight control is that he can't deny knowing what is happening under his nose. That nose knows everything, and knew that he was dealing with a crook. In fact he often called Carson his friend.

I just wonder how many other Carsons are lurking about, that we don't know of ... yet.

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