Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Shelley Glover on Her Knees Apologizing to Seniors? No. She's Getting Her Talking Points.

Conservative MP Shelley Glover made a disparaging remark about senior Anita Neville, suggesting that she was past her expiry date.

Later she twitted that "She doesn't dislike Neville as senior, she just doesn't like her seniorism." Not sure what that means, but a CRUSH member twitted back: "I don't dislike Glover because she is stupid, I dislike her stupidism."

This woman is a loose cannon, once suggesting that it "was a known fact that all criminals voted Liberal and all cops voted Conservative" What does that mean to those of us who don't vote Conservative? That the police officers we pay with our taxes are not there to protect us too? But the Cons are there with their talking points.

First of all, I would like to remind seniors in the Winnipeg area that Ms. Neville just voted to oppose the Conservative Government’s plan to increase GIS payments to the most vulnerable, lowest income seniors in Canada — a measure that would benefit single seniors by up to $600 and senior couples by up to $840.

Your government wasn't defeated on the budget but on your Contempt of Parliament.

Seniors will be looked after by the Liberals too, who are also presenting a better plan for caregivers, than the .82 a day you're providing. So little for seniors but $21 million for gun owners. We know where your priorities are.

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