Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did the Conservative MP Russ Hiebert Use Taxpayer Money to Start His Campaign? And why is a Former Conservative Running Against Him?

'FORMER' Conservative MP for South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, Russ Hiebert, is being accused of using taxpayer money to launch his campaign. Conservatives abusing our trust is nothing new, but something else is taking place in that riding.

A former Conservative Party member is running against him. This could be interesting.

Former White Rock mayor, Hardy Staub, announced today (Friday) that he will throw his hat in the ring as a federal Liberal candidate. And Aart Looye, a keen local athlete and community volunteer, said Wednesday he would be running as an ‘independent conservative’ for the seat currently occupied by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert.

Both Staub and Looye said they were running to provide more responsive representation for the riding. “I feel that our community needs somebody who will represent us in Ottawa rather than represent Ottawa to us,” Staub said in a prepared statement
And that's just what this party has become. The message is so controlled that MPs aren't allowed to speak for themselves. They only read scripts and do as they're told.

Canadians deserve better.

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