Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kory Teneycke Reveals That the Harper Government is Lying

Another university professor has gone public with fears that he has been blacklisted by the 'Harper' government, because of his commitment to peace, and criticism of Harper himself.
A Canadian political scientist, whose peace proposals won national and international awards, believes his criticism of the Harper government was the final straw that led the conservative-minded University of Western Ontario to drop his courses and land him on a blacklist.
As difficult as it is to believe that something like this could happen in Canada, I've actually investigated this before it was brought to the attention of the media.

Working with an American journalist, we discovered that liberal minded educators are being not only blacklisted, but for many, their careers have come to an abrupt end. Naturally Harper's people are denying it.

American David Horowitz wrote a book The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America which has served as a "list" of university professors who must be purged from Academia.

The McCarthyism That Horowitz Built: The Cases of Margo Ramlal Nankoe, William Robinson, Nagesh Rao, and Loretta Capeheart, By Dana Cloud, April 29, 2009

But perhaps the best evidence that this is taking place in Canada comes from Kory Teneycke.

This former spokesperson of Harper's, and longtime Reform movement activist, is reported to be trying to start a witch hunt against liberal academics … At a conference, he was heard telling a student, "If you have a teacher or examples of teachers who are trying to jam lefty philosophy down your throat, please send me an email … I’d love to make them famous."

These are not isolated incidents:
Heather MacIvor, a professor at the University of Windsor and a longtime researcher and commentator on the Conservative party, said she believes that there is a concerted effort to put a “chill” on academic critics of the Harper government, especially from the hard-right partisans who appear to see campuses as hotbeds of left-wing dissent. “This government has a hostility toward people who think for a living or people who write for a living,” MacIvor said, noting that Ignatieff’s academic past has made him an object of Conservative ridicule, too.
We have to start paying attention. This not only reeks of McCarthyism, but is eerily reminiscent of Germany in the 1920s and 30's, when Academia was being "purged" by a group of brown shirts.

This is not normal and this not Canada.

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  1. During the Cold War, the RCMP was spying on humanities and social science associations. It looks like we've graduated to having the Prime Minister's Office do it directly.