Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Can't the Conservatives Quit Bruce Carson?

From Calgary School employee to Harper advisor, Bruce Carson gets passed around more than a hooker during shore leave.

Compelling evidence that he was attending climate summits with Jim Prentice.
The minority Conservative government downplayed new revelations Wednesday that a former adviser to the prime minister facing allegations of influence-peddling continued to be called upon by federal cabinet ministers even after he had supposedly left Stephen Harper's office to work for an academic think tank and an oilpatch industry lobby group.

Liberal environment critic Gerard Kennedy said that Bruce Carson's participation as the only non-government official at an April 28, 2009 Washington meeting between former environment minister Jim Prentice and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu was one of several assignments the former Conservative staffer received after supposedly leaving government. Carson was later among four delegates chosen to represent Harper himself at another international climate change summit, five months later, Kennedy said in the House of Commons.
And he was hard up for cash before he went to work for Harper, who turned on the money taps. Literally.

I guess this would be 101.

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  1. Bruce Carson gives hookers a bad name, he fits in so well with that bunch of neo cons in Ottawa.

    Now where are my pliers...