Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stephen Harper Not a God After All. Just a Frightened Politician

Something huge is taking place in Canada. Our media is no longer afraid of Stephen Harper. For five years he controlled them. Refusing to answer questions unless presented in advance.

But recent scandals and the unprecedented Contempt of Parliament charges, have weakened his hold on power. He no longer incites fear. Instead he is now the one who shows fear.

When he suggested at a press conference that the economy was too fragile for an election, his empty words fell on deaf ears. Our wonderful media shouted questions at him and no RCMP beat them up. No threats from Dimitri Soudas to ruin their careers.

We need to mark this moment. It's pivotal.

Even the Senate is rejecting this government's secrecy, giving the power back to Parliament.

And the good news, no more tax dollars going to self-promotion ads. They've had to pull them back.

Alice Klein is elated:
The timing drama is over and the spring election is definitely on. Thank goodness. I am one Canadian who couldn’t be happier to see an end to the Stephen Harper government’s giant f*&*-you to the values of the majority of Canadians. I’m sorry, but strong language is called for. I am not talking about a government that has won a mandate to radically reengineer the social fabric. That would be terrible, but I couldn’t cry about democracy.

Two-thirds (63 per cent) of all voters voted against Harper and his Conservative party. Election results don’t lie. But the Harper government does. Oh, pardon me – evades, misinforms, denies, twists out of shape.
Spring is in the air and an election around the corner. Stephen Harper has been reduced to just another politician. His crown tarnished. His days numbered.

Life is good.

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