Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If the Conservatives Themselves Find Harper Unworthy, Why is Jack Layton Still Playing Games?

The riding association president of Collingwood has quit, saying:
"There comes a time when people have to forget about the good of the party and refuse to support people who are clearly unworthy of that support," Beaudoin wrote. "I did my best to work from the inside, but the people in charge could care less what I or thousands of us think. "It would be no less than moral cowardice on my part to remain silent in the face of this blatant injustice and total disregard for cherished values of justice, honesty and integrity."
He is not the first to express distrust and anger over a dictatorship that not only attempts to rule the country as a one man band, but also the party. You do as you're told or you're gone.

So as Conservatives are turning against this party, why is Jack Layton still musing about propping them up?

If he cites the budget, then he's blowing smoke, because he had no trouble leaving a Childcare Plan and the Kelowna Accord on the table in 2005.

Give your head a shake Jack, or you may find yourself shaking your head, wondering where all your supporters went.

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  1. Tory candidate believes she was regarded as a "loose cannon" because she spoke to the media when she felt like it.

    She said she was asked to resign because she wouldn't agree to run in two consecutive elections, a commitment she didn't feel she could make emotionally or professionally after so long as candidate already.

    "(I) said I really would like to go through one election, I've worked really hard at this, I'm $150,000 invested, I've put a team of people to work for over a year-and-a-half ... but I can't commit to another four years.

    "And I had tendered my resignation effective April, in the event that we didn't go through an election because I have taken on the position of CEO of a company, and they said: "Resign now or you're fired."'

    Greenfeld, who started up the trendy Campoverde Social Club in Vancouver and is now the head of a personal coaching firm, said she's put off by the treatment she got from party officials. She wasn't impressed when Jenni Byrne, the Conservative party's director of operations and national campaign manager, assigned an underling to deliver the ultimatum.

    "She didn't have the respect for me to make the call herself. And I found that to be very unfortunate.

    "They've got the right person in the right job for the way that they need to run their organization, it's just that there's no humanity, no soul, there's no kindness, there's no femininity — the things that give people the greatest pleasure in life are absent.

    "Feeling acknowledged, feeling understood, feeling respect, they're just not there."